Flooded excursion.

Pooches, I wish every week started off with a Monday like we had today!  Woo Hoo!!

It started the same way most Monday’s start.  My manservant went on his walk/run at the regular time.  Starlight and I were aware of the weather forecast and we were on edge because on the rain that was to move in once more.

When my manservant returned from his walk/run he said he was going to go to his early cardio/weight training class.  We eyed  him suspiciouly and I confronted him by asking if this meant he had another “lunch meeting.”  He said “no” and proceeded to load up his bicycle in the Bumpkinmobile.  Starlight and I were giddy with excitement.  As I’ve noted before, anytime he goes overboard on excercise we always get a dandy excursion.

Starlight and I kept watching the weather radar while he was gone.   Our fears were eased as it appeared the rain would not get here until early afternoon.  We waited and excitedly talked about where we would go and what we might eat.

After my manservant returned we hurridly loaded the Bumpkinmobile (complete with a tablecloth).   On our way out we stopped by the market and my manservant returned with lunch:  chicken wings for pooches and a vegetable plate for him.  HOORAY!

We rode up my Trace looking for a good picnic area.  The first stop was no good as the picnic tables were surrounded by a pool of water.  The second stop resulted in the same.  We continued to drive north.  We saw our first redbud tree just starting to bloom but is was located in a manner that precluded a photo op.

Finally, at the north end of my Rez, we headed to the old reliable blind at the waterfowl refuge.  WHOA, POOCHES!  It was flooded!  There was a bit of parking lot out of the water so we pulled in and had a grand time barking at the ducks and geese, wading in the water and sniffing anything that was not underwater.  These activities worked up healthy appetites and we dined, Bumkin-style, on chicken wings and pooch treats.  We offered my manservant some of our chicken since he only had a veggie plate, but he declined saying that the vegetables had been cooked with so much ham and salt that he had gotten more than his fair share for the meal.

With full bellies, we loaded back in the Bumpkinmobile and took a different route back to our den.  On the way, we passed an old agave plant that was in the process of sending up a tall spike for that plant’s first and only bloom!  We’ll have to come back here frequently over the next several weeks to check on its progress.

The rain has started now so we’re going to have a lazy afternoon inside.

Until tomorrow, pooches.


It looks like it is going to be a wet hike to our duck blind!

It looks like it is going to be a wet hike to our duck blind!

Isn't this where we picked up all those pecans last fall?

Isn’t this where we picked up all those pecans last fall?

You go first Sunshine.

You go first, Sunshine.

Gosh, those chicken wings hit the spot!

Gosh, those chicken wings hit the spot!

Look!  That century plan is going to bloom this year.

Look! That century plan is going to bloom this year.


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1 Response to Flooded excursion.

  1. LaWanda says:

    Obviously spoilt, but cute!

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