Upside down day.

Pooches, it has been an upside down day at our pack.  My manservant decided he wasn’t going to go on a walk/run this morning as it was cold and he was too lazy.  He did manage to go to his weight training class.  From there he said he went on errands and didn’t get home until time for our excursion.  He suggested that we not go on one today since it was overcast and cold outside.  I insisted.  He said we should put it to a vote.  I voted yes.  He voted no.  Starlight abstained!

I immediately questioned Starlight about her vote and she said she didn’t want to make my manservant mad since we hadn’t eaten lunch yet.  We all talked it over and reached a compromise:  we would eat at home and then go on an excursion to the natural pooch food store since we were in need of resupplying out stock.  My manservant fed us and then started preparing his meal.  It was good that Starlight and I had finished eating because as it was placed on the table my manservant said it was tofu chili and green tea!!  Starlight and I fled into the bedroom, afraid that he might try and give us some.

When we heard the washing of dishes in the kitchen we ventured out and waited to hop in the Bumpkinmobile.  On our ride to the natural pooch food store, Starlight kept calling my manservant “tofu breath” and making gagging sounds!

As our shopping was completed, as we loaded our supplies in the Bumpkinmobile just as the sun came out and clouds disappeared.  The SUNSHINE energized us all and even my manservant got into the spirit and he decided to stop by my old school so I could show Starlight where he classes will begin in a few weeks.  Starlight was very excited and wanted to stop on the way back to our den to get some supplies:  a backpack and #2 pencils.  I suggested we were ready to get back to our den and that shopping trip could be done later.

We did make a short diversion on the way back to our den to walk around an abandoned cemetery.

Now that it is getting late in the afternoon, my manservant has decided to undertake a walk/run after all.  All this non-routine activity is making me nervous.  I’m headed to my closet.


Tofu chili and green tea:  WE'RE HIDING!

Tofu chili and green tea: WE’RE HIDING!

Sunshine, let's get one of each!

Sunshine, let’s get one of each!

Can we go ahead an open the treats now?

Can we go ahead an open the treats now?

This is where your classes will be held, Starlight.

This is where your classes will be held, Starlight.

I hope there aren't any ticks out here.

I hope there aren’t any ticks out here.

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