Late excursion/picnic today…

Pooches, it was SO foggy here this morning that I decided it would be a good morning to sleep in.  The manservant left the pack early this morning while it was still dark to go on his walk/run.  When he returned home, I rolled over in bed and went back to sleep as he left with his bicycle.  After his ride he stayed at my old school and did his cardio class.  I rolled over again when he came back the second time.  He left to deliver something somewhere and when he got home in late morning I finally got out of bed.  Yawn!

After he cooked some dessert for dinner tonight he finally packed Starlight in the truck, I hopped in and off we went.  Nothing extraordinary for lunch…some kind of sandwich he bought at the market.  He didn’t give it very good reviews after lunch but I had some of the chicken and thought it quite tasty.

We strolled around a bit in the park after we ate.  I’m still kind of groggy from sleeping so late so I think I’ll go get a little shut eye.


Waiting for a bite of chicken.

Strolling after lunch.

One day I’m going to take one of those babies out for a spin!

Isn’t it amazing how those trees grew up in two straight lines?


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