Wordless Wednesday

We’re waiting…

We’ll munch on onion rings while you fetch another boeuf patty.

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First full day of spring excursion

Pooches, my manservant was inclined to take a day of rest after his busy day of cleaning the storage shed yesterday but there were still a few tasks remaining in the project and he headed outside early this morning to finish the job.  By mid-morning he announced that he had finished and decided to manicure our back yard now that all of the junk had been returned to the shed.

It was late morning when he finished the manicuring and declared a fine meal for lunch followed by an excursion to my Rez was in order to celebrate the clean storage shed and newly manicured back yard.  After a trip to the market he busied himself in the kitchen preparing lunch.

When the meal was ready, we paraded out to our picnic bench and reveled in pork chop, grits with gravy and, in a nod to the healthy, a wedge salad.  What a meal, pooches!

After the dishes had been washed, dried and put away, we headed to the Hybridmobile for a dandy excursion along my Trace.  The Hybridmobile left the carriageway and pulled under a tree by the shore of my Rez.  The weather was wonderful, the smells were spectacular, and a grand time was had by all!


Pork chops, grits and gravy, and a lettuce wedge salad: YUM!

It is a beautiful first full day of spring at my Rez.

Sunshine, I don’t think the smells have ever been any better!

We could walk to my overlook from here, Starlight.

I guess it is time to go back to our den for afternoon naps. I think I’ll take mine in the back yard.

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Another excursionless day!

Pooches, my manservant awoke this morning with nothing on his mind except cleaning up our storage shed.  He did take an abbreviated walk/run before heading to our back yard to begin his task.

Starlight and I stayed far away and napped inside most of the morning.  My manservant came inside in the late morning to don his yoga costume and head to his yoga class.  When he returned from yoga he said he would be occupied all afternoon and we would have to miss our excursion today.   Starlight and I ventured outside to await lunch at our picnic bench and found an empty shed and our back yard covered with all manner of junk!  When my manservant brought us lunch (a ham and cheese on rye),  Starlight gave him an earful because junk was surrounding her agility jumps.  My manservant promised to remove them before the end of the day.

Starlight and I are staying inside this afternoon while my manservant continues his task.


We’re gathered at the picnic bench to enjoy a ham and cheese on rye for lunch.

Put the camera down and let’s EAT!

You’re “clean out the storage shed day” seems to have backfired.

I’m going to nap here this afternoon while you go and clean up the mess you made in our back yard.

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Excursionless pizza

Pooches, drat this weather!  Our return to winter continues today and we are confined to our den because of the cold.  My manservant did manage to execute a bundled up walk/run this morning before heading to our library for continued academic responsibilities preparation.  Starlight and I tried on a couple of occasions to venture outdoors but those attempts were short-lived because of the cold temperature.  We knew then that an excursion today was unlikely.

A kindly gentleman arrived at our den in mid-morning to make repairs on our den’s washing machine.  Starlight and I performed admirably during the repair process and barked furiously until he finally departed.

My manservant emerged from our library in late morning and headed to the market to acquire supplies for lunch and dinner.  Starlight and I cheered as he returned and placed a pizza in the oven to cook.  Being miserable outdoors, we all agreed that we could enjoy our pizza on the Davenport.  It was quite tasty, pooches!

My manservant has returned to our library for continued preparation.  I guess Starlight and I will nap.


Isn’t that kind of a small pizza for the three of us?

Woo hoo! We get the pepperoni and you get the onions and olives.

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Wordless Wednesday

Starlight and I are working hard on our morning naps while my manservant tends to his academic responsibilities preparation in our library.


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Dreary day redeemed!

Pooches, it has been a cold and grey winter day in these parts.  My manservant tended to his early morning walk/run this morning in a persistent mist.  When he returned to our den he suggested that because much rain was headed in this direction for later today and, after he had warmed up, an early excursion was in order.  Starlight and I made plans for our excursion while my manservant warmed himself in a hot bath.

After bustling about the kitchen, my manservant said excursion time had arrived.  We headed to the Hybridmobile with a bowl of smoked turkey to serve as our breakfast.  The Hybridmobile, apparently in a frisky mood, carried us to one of my lesser-known and rarely visited parks, my park-behind-a-school.  Starlight and I sniffed briefly before selecting a picnic table at which we could enjoy our smoked turkey.  Despite having occupied the icebox since last Christmas it was quite tasty!

With breakfast in our bellies we then enjoyed a thorough sniffing around my rarely visited park.  The smells were top-notch!

Hope you’re keeping warm and dry, pooches!


You never know what is going to show up in my parks.

You might want to get your hand out of the way. NOW!

What makes you think you get to eat the turkey leg?

How nice! The authorities are planting a garden for me!

I wonder whether I should sing or do a dramatic reading?

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Silent Sunday too!

This is the last pose and then we return to our den and get back in front of the fire!

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Silent Saturday

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Errand-filled excursion

Pooches, we awoke this morning to a wee bit of rain and thunder.  I thought I might be occupied for much of the day comforting my pack but it was short-lived.  My manservant we able to head to his walk/run park on time despite a few remaining sprinkles.

Knowing that today was a day for his yoga class, my manservant suggested that we work in our excursion after running a few errands before yoga.  Starlight and I were agreeable and headed to the Hybridmobile.  The Hybridmobile carried out our errand-running mission in its usual efficient manner.  Our last stop was at a bagel café where a lox and bagel with bagel chips was obtained for breakfast.  The Hybridmobile then carried us to my log cabin park where we dined on one of the picnic tables.  Starlight and I, of course, chose to eat the bagel chips only because lox and red onions always gives us bad breath.

When finished with breakfast we performed our usual inspection of my log cabin followed by a stroll though the woods and a wee bit of frolicking in a field of wildflowers.  We returned to our den with ample time left for my manservant to attend his yoga class.

The sun has finally emerged from behind the clouds leaving us with ample SUNSHINE!  It should be a fine afternoon.

See you on Silent Saturday, pooches!


Don’t breathe too deeply in your yoga class because eating the lox, red onions and capers is sure to make your breath deadly to your fellow yogis!

I love walking in the woods after a rain shower.

The authorities need to use a brush, soapy water and some elbow grease on my log cabin.

Starlight pensively poses in a field of wildflowers near my log cabin.

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Poochhood litter patrol

Pooches, it was another academic pursuit day for my manservant and Starlight and I realized our chance at an excursion was slim.  When my manservant returned from his early morning walk/run he immediately changed out of his walk/run costume and into his academic pursuit costume.  We headed to our morning nap locations as he departed.

His return was near mid-afternoon and Starlight and I clamored for an excursion, not having had any excitement at all today.  My manservant agreed but limited it to our poochhood.  Tomorrow, being rubbish day, it seemed logical to me to make our excursion a litter patrol and the suggestion was made.  Refuse bags were gathered and off we went down the lane.

Pooches, nothing of note happened on our excursion. Minimal litter was found.

We’re planning on a better excursion tomorrow.


The litter patrol is underway!

No litter has been spotted so far.

Sunshine, some kind of creature is emerging from the ground!!!!!

These flowers have just started to bloom.

We’re back at our den and ready to resume afternoon naps.

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