Excursions have been cancelled indefinitely!!

Pooches, my bum leg took a turn for the worse over the weekend and has left me nearly immobile.  After speaking with the vet Saturday my manservant made arrangements for me to be “under the knife” this Thursday!  Because walking is quite painful for me my manservant has cancelled all excursions until I have healed from this dreadful malady.  I am sure Starlight will make a fine nurse.

Despite the somber news our picnics at our picnic bench will continue uninterrupted.  Starlight and I enjoyed bangers extracted from my manservant’s seafood gumbo for lunch today.  I have made it clear to my manservant that I will need plenty of extra food to provide me with enough energy to endure Thursday.



You need to retrieve more bangers from the kitchen!

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Silent Saturday


You can’t beat fried chicken for a Silent Saturday lunch.




You need to go get some more!

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Wordless Wednesday


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Hybridmobile II goes off-road!

Pooches, it has been a busy day around our den!  As soon as my manservant returned from his morning walk/run he pulled the lawn manicuring machine out of storage and began a bevy of yard work activities.  As soon as he declared all yard work completed for the day he began knocking off a long list of errands that were hanging over his head (just an expression, pooches).  During all of this activity Starlight and I were busily taking morning naps.

My manservant finally completed all bothersome duties before him for the day and said that he needed a rewarding lunch in return.  Boeuf was placed on the grill and we were soon enjoying a tasty lunch at our picnic bench.

It was later than usual when we undertook our excursion.  The Hybridmobile II had quite the excitement when it ventured off-road for the first time at my park in the pine grove!  It performed admirably using extreme caution as its paws left the pavement for the first time.  The smells were in fine form and Starlight and I thoroughly enjoyed our stroll along the waterfront.  There was a bit of excitement when my manservant spied three snakes as we strolled along the shoreline.  They successfully scurried away each time.

As  we returned to our den following our excursion the Hybridmobile II retold the experience of venturing off-road for the first time in great detail with much pride!



A bone-in boeuf eye of rib, baked tattie and lettuce wedge serve as a proper celebratory lunch for a successful morning of work.


I smell a snake!


Mind the snakes, Starlight.


Sunshine, the Hybridmobile II seems quite proud to have ventured off-road.


Not only do I smell snake, Starlight, but a ‘gator has been here as well!

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Still soggy but beautiful

Pooches, after an all day rain on Saturday and a cloudy, cold and dreary day on Sunday we are finally starting the process of drying out in these parts.  It was a frosty morning today as my manservant headed to his walk/run park in full winter regalia.  He had started his wash day duties early and upon his return from his morning constitutional started another load.

We were all a bit hungry as my manservant headed to the kitchen for breakfast preparation.  Starlight and I suggested that he make something hearty.  Appartently that was all that was needed to motivate my manservant to an enthusiastic time in the kitchen.  Half and hour later we marched to our picnic bench and a large plate of egg, smoked bangers, bacon, cubed tatties seared in ham drippings and a generous slice of warm banana bread slathered in cream cheese sent a wave of exhilaration through our pack.  Pooches, you wouldn’t believe how quickly the banquet was consumed leaving us with full bellies and content dispositions which was the perfect way to start our morning naps.  As Starlight and I retired to our chambers my manservant resumed his wash day duties.

My manservant returned from his yoga class at the usual time.  Starlight and I inquired about the menu for today’s lunch when my manservant suggested a light and healthy one.  I told my manservant that was not necessary but he said we should dine a bit lighter for a while lest those who happen to read accounts of our daily excursions mistake our keen appetites for gluttony.  It turned out to be worse than Starlight and I imagined, pooches.  Grilled bok choy and skim cheese stuffed mini=peppers was served when lunch was removed from the grill!  Help!

Not having gained any energy on such a lunch we all choose to enjoy our drying back yard as the location for today’s excursion.

Pooches, we’re hoping we can fight off the hunger until dinner is served tonight.



In retrospect, this feast turned out to be more of a last meal!


You really weren’t kidding!


Stop and smell what?


Sunshine, maybe we can find something to eat in your manservant’s herb garden.


It this my good side?

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Silent Sunday, too!


A ridiculously cold mid-April evening is best spent in front of a fire, pooches.

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Silent (and soggy) Saturday





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Picnic bench excursion?

Pooches, today started off as usual with my manservant undertaking his morning walk/run and his walk/run park followed by breakfast at our picnic bench.  He slurped a bowl of Greek yoghurt with fruit but was thoughtful enough to cook a few wee bangers for Starlight and me.  While we napped after breakfast my manservant performed a few housekeeping duties before heading to his Friday yoga class.

Time spent in the kitchen by my manservant following yoga class yielded a tasty lunch of boeuf chow mein.  We excitedly headed to the picnic bench where my manservant wielded his stick things to eat lunch.  Starlight and I saved our share of lunch for occasional pieces of boeuf that would head our way via the sticks.

It was apparent my manservant wasn’t interested in hitting the carriageway for an excursion.  He suggested that we enjoy our excursion by taking a stroll around the poochhood as we frequently do on rubbish day.  Starlight and I declined preferring early afternoon naps and noting we felt safer in our den because the bin lorry gathering the rubbish had been careless of pedestrians of late.

Pooches, the prognosticators are warning of storms arriving tonight around the witching hour and continuing for much of tomorrow.  I suppose it will be a Silent and Soggy Saturday!



These wee bangers are quite tasty this morning!


Do you have grass clippings in your yoghurt?


It has been a long time since we’ve enjoyed boeuf chow mein for lunch.


Keep the boeuf comimg!


Your stick things dropped my boeuf!

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Wordless Wednesday


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A busy lazy day

Pooches, our pack has been quite busy being lazy today!  It was a wee bit chilly when my manservant returned from his walk/run this morning and he decided it was a morning worthy of a fire in the fireplace.  That did it.  We gathered around the fire and we thoroughly enjoyed doing nothing for most of the morning except occasionally retrieving more firewood.

Starlight and I enjoyed being outside briefly in late morning while my manservant prepared lunch.  With said lunch in hand he soon marched out to the picnic bench where red beans and rice was enjoyed by my manservant while Starlight and I focused on the sausage contained therein.  Yum!

After lunch and the customary washing, drying and returning of dishes to the cupboard we decided to undertake an excursion and introduce the Hybridmobile II to my default park.  The Hybridmobile II purred quietly to my overlook where a gorgeous day was in the making.  Starlight and I enjoyed an energetic perambulation and sniffing of the numerous smells along the way.  Pooches, the clover is getting rather deep and it won’t be long before the authorities are forced to do a wee bit of manicuring.  Until then I expect the smells to be at their peak for the season.

We’ve returned to our den where Starlight and I have decided to enjoy our afternoon naps in front of the dwindling fire while my manservant intends to manicure our front yard.

See you on Wordless Wednesday, pooches!


I do love sunny but chilly spring mornings.


There’s more than one way to enjoy sunny but chilly spring mornings!


Let’s begin our perambulation at the waterfront.


Sometimes a pooch just has to stop and sniff.


Starlight, I don’t think the water has warmed enough this year for a swim.


Put the camera down so you can keep passing the sausages.

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