Two park excursion

Pooches, we were quite surprised and pleased this morning when we looked outside and saw plenty of SUNSHINE!  The prognosticators had said it would be a day of rain but they were proved wrong.  My manservant hurried off to his walk/run park and returned an hour later having thoroughly gotten his exercise.

A hearty breakfast was prepared and we were soon outside enjoying the feast.  As soon as the breakfast dishes had been washed, dried, and returned to the cupboard, we decided the rain could move in at any time and we had better get our excursion in as soon as possible.  We hopped into the Hybridmobile which carried us to my sunken Trace park.  Instead of walking to the artsy-craftsy place or the sunken trial, my manservant urged us to my multi-use trail.  We headed down the trail and enjoyed plenty of smells along the way.  After much walking we reached a turn off which carried us to my school park!  Woo hoo!  Two of my parks in one excursion.

The breeze was quite strong coming off the water.  We wanted to head to the shoreline but my manservant forbade it saying it was much too soggy to venture there after all of the recent rain.  After more sniffing about we returned to my multi-use trail and headed back to the Hybridmobile and returned to our den to resume our morning naps.

Pooches, the rain has returned and we’re staying inside for the remainder of the day.


A poached egg on toast, bangers, figs and cantaloupe make for a fine breakfast!

We’ve not walked down my multi-use trail in some time.

Look at all the wee white flowers!

This is the way to my school park.

Starlight, let’s plan on doing this Saturday.

It is terribly windy up here.

We’ve returned to the faithful Hybridmobile.


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Wordless Wednesday


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Quesadilla and cocooning day

Is that a piece of bacon I see by your breakfast quesadilla?

Just say the word…

Woo hoo!

Just us cocooning.

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We’re resting on Monday

Pooches, Starlight and I had quite the good time playing with Fred and Buttons over the weekend.  We both agreed this morning that we needed to spend the day resting.  My manservant would have none of it and departed early for his morning walk/run.  When he returned he said all of the rain of late had caused the grass to grow too fast and he headed outside to spend a bit of time manicuring our lawn.

When the manicuring task had been completed, my manservant prepared a bowl of figs (the first harvest from our fig tree) and cream.  Starlight and I chose bangers for our breakfast and we enjoyed dining at our picnic bench.  Because he anticipated either hot temperatures or rain at excursion time, he urged Starlight and me to head for the Hybridmobile for an early excursion.  We both declined and explained we needed our rest.  He promised a short excursion and we finally gave in to him and boarded the Hybridmobile.  After consultation with my manservant, the Hybridmobile headed to my peninsula park.  Pooches, for the first time ever we had it to ourselves!  Woo hoo!

Our excursion was low energy and short as my manservant promised.  We quickly returned to our den in order for my manservant to head to his Monday yoga class in a timely manner.

Lunch was marked by a HUGE serving of vegetarian hibachi with miso soup.  There was so much food that we finally grew tired of eating and there was plenty leftover for more meals in the future.

We’ll be continuing our resting this afternoon.


My manservant eats figs and cream while Starlight and I have a wee bit of a banger.

Sunshine’s Rez is pretty calm this morning.

Starlight, we could have a race down my peninsula park and see who makes it to the shoreline first…

…or not.

That was fun!

How much rice do they think one person can eat?

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Silent Sunday too

Tonight we’re recovering from our road trip to Elvistown and a visit with Fred and Buttons.  Yawn.

Let me tell you, pooches, Fred and Buttons are a paw full! Goodnight.

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Silent Saturday


We’re on a road trip to visit Fred and Buttons in Elvistown.


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Fine Friday

Pooches, just as I anticipated, my manservant was feeling quite guilty this morning about his deceptive behavior yesterday and suggested an immediate excursion upon his return from his morning walk/run.  Starlight and I feigned limps as we headed to the Hybridmobile.

The Hybridmobile, in bad humour after having spent two nights in the lane, drove us efficiently, if not crabbily,  to my overlook.  When we arrived we were the sole visitors at my park and thoroughly enjoyed having free run of it during our time there.  Many smells had been left there since our last visit and we had a grand time identifying each one.

By late morning it had grown terribly hot outside and we were grateful for our early excursion.  My manservant headed out in the heat to attend his regular Friday yoga class.  When he returned he had the audacity to tell Starlight and me that he was headed to a nearby village to have lunch at a soul food restaurant and that we were on our own for lunch!  Starlight doesn’t cook very well so I guess the job falls to me.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches.


If the authorities don’t cut the grass at my overlook soon they are going to need a bush hog.

These blue flowers are everywhere!

It is nice to have my overlook to ourselves for a change.

Starlight, don’t turn around and look but I think we’re being followed.

I’m ready to go back to our den where it is cool.

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Traitorous excursion!

Pooches, you never know who your friends are!  When my manservant failed to tend to his walk/run this morning Starlight and I decided it was going to be another lazy morning by our pack.  We enjoyed napping on the Davenport and, in general, having a morning of doing nothing and piddling around our den.  Little did we know of what was going to transpire in the afternoon.

My manservant had to run a few errands in late morning and returned with a cheese pizza to which he added half of the contents of our icebox before placing it in the oven.  Woo hoo!  When it was ready to eat we paraded back to our Davenport (my manservant claimed it was too hot and humid to dine on our picnic bench) and we enjoyed our lunch despite the sizzling hot melted cheese on the pizza which stuck to our muzzles.

After lunch, Starlight and I headed to the Hybridmobile (which, sadly, it still is confined to the lane in front of our den) for our excursion.  My manservant called us back to the den and informed us that our excursion was going to take place later in the afternoon.  Starlight and I were curious about the change in plans from our routine but excitedly awaited a new type of excursion.

Pooches, my manservant is a traitor!!!!!!!!  In late afternoon he urged us to hop in the Hybridmobile.  We traveled for some distance before we arrived at, of all things, our vet’s office!  We struggled fiercely as our manservant dragged us inside but were unsuccessful at escaping.  I have censored the pictures from by blog of us being stuck by the 10 foot long needles out of sensitivity to those of you who might not be able to handle such graphic detail.

We are back at our den now, pooches.  My manservant is in the manservant house as far as we are concerned.  We’re limping to bed for the evening and plan on sleeping hard!  There’s no doubt my manservant will not be able to sleep tonight as his dastardly deed of today will weight heavily on his conscience.

Tomorrow has to be better.


Another lazy morning is made better by pizza for lunch.

Say, this smells like we are at the vet’s office!

Let me out of here!

It’s useless, Sunshine. I hear the vet coming now.


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Wordless Wednesday

Goodnight pooches.

Can we have a treat before we go to bed?

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Excursionless day

After his early morning walk/run my manservant declared today to be a day of cocooning.

We need to purchase a picnic bench that isn’t so tall!

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