Silent Saturday


Starlight and I decided to show our weekend visitors, Fred and Buttons, how spring is bustin’ out all over in our poochhood.  They were impressed.


We brought the wee pup along too!

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Faking it Friday

Pooches, don’t you like it when a plan comes together?  Today it did!

When my manservant headed for his obligatory mug of java this morning he told us that if today was a bucket he had more than a bucketful of errands to run today.  Starlight and I weren’t quite sure what that meant but as he headed to an abbreviated walk/run at his walk/run park we headed to our first round of morning naps.

My manservant returned to our den after the walk/run and roused me from my morning nap before picking me up and placing me in my routine spot in the Hybridmobile.  As the Hybridmobile rolled down the lane I noted that Starlight was not with us as I suddenly realized that my manservant’s threat all this week of a vet visit because of my bum leg had come to fruition.  Wisely, on the journey to my vet, I developed a clever plan.

My manservant and I sat patiently in the waiting room after our arrival.  I perused the years-old magazines on subjects that no one cares about before  I was summoned into an examination room.  My manservant explained to my vet that I had been limping all week and he assumed I had what is known in layman’s terms as a bum leg.  The vet examined my leg quite closely and rudely bent it in all sorts of directions expecting to see a grimace of pain on my face.  Hee hee!  The vet saw no grimace whatsoever, only a smile!

He then suggested that I be placed on the floor to walk about in the hallway.  Result:  no limp!  He decided that I needed to go outdoors to have more room to walk in order to observe the limp.  I was carried to a patch of grass and gracefully walked about with no limp!  Hee hee!

Finally I was instructed to exercise vigorously in the large parking lot.  I complied and the result was:  no limp!  Hee hee!  My vet finally looked suspiciously at my (by then) red-faced manservant and said he would prescribe some sort of medicine for me (woo hoo, pooches, it has to be taken with a pooch treat!) and see if that would resolve the problem.  Grumbling, my manservant carried me back to the Hybridmobile and we were ferried back to our den.

Pooches, the funniest thing.  When we arrived at my den my limp suddenly returned in earnest and I could barely walk.  I think that if it doesn’t get any better I might need to be carried everywhere.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday!



After the visit to my vet we enjoyed a fine lunch of crab cakes, applesauce, a wedge salad and iced pomegranate tea at our picnic bench.


Help!  My bite of crab cake has fallen in the crack!

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It feels like spring…

Pooches, it has been a routine day around our pack.  My manservant did his usual walk/run at his walk/run park before returning to our den to perform the usual perfunctory duties for a Thursday morning.  Time seemed to slip away from all of us and before we knew it excursion time was upon us!

My manservant hurriedly headed to the Hybridmobile with Starlight and me in tow.  The Hybridmobile apparently had a hankering for boeuf with au jus and headed to the appropriate concern to acquire such.  We then were ferried to my sunken Trace park and, after enjoying our lunch in the boot of the Hybridmobile, headed down my multi-use trail where it was a wee bit drier after the heavy rains of last night.  Pooches, I must say that if you are ever around au jus go for it!

My bum leg has still been giving me a limp today and I’m afraid a visit to my vet tomorrow is inevitable.  Phooey.



Sunshine, look at the cute curly tatties we have for lunch!


Uh oh!


Starlight, I knew we would find another sign of spring today.  Look at that brave pear tree.


I’m not ready to end our excursion yet.


Look Starlight.  You can see the artsy-craftsy place nicely from my sunken trace park with the leaves still off of the trees.

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Wordless Wednesday


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my school park in the afternoon

Pooches, Starlight and I were worn out by lunchtime today!  Shortly after my manservant returned from his early morning walk/run at his walk/run park, some gentlemen arrived to do some kind of work in our den.  They made much noise and forced Starlight and me to spend the morning barking furiously at every noise or movement lest it be a threat to our pack.  By the time they finished around noon Starlight and I were exhausted from both barking and missing our morning  naps. Because my manservant had not yet started preparing our lunch for today we decided to nap!

It was mid-afternoon when my manservant roused us to go on a short excursion.  I’m still limping about our den and my manservant insisted that the excursion be short and undertaken with very little effort.  I promised not to do any calisthenics and off we went in the Hybridmobile.

Due to its close proximity my manservant decided we would visit my school park.  Pooches, the wind was quite strong and my Rez looked rather angry with waves tossing to and fro.  In getting carried away with our sniffing we ventured too close to the shoreline and were drenched before our excursion ended.

We’ve returned to our den and have dried off in preparation for our afternoon naps.



Biscuits with assorted jams, sausages, and the perpetual cup of java were enjoyed for our early breakfast.


Sunshine, your Rez looks angry today!


I’ve a feeling that someone is about to get wet!


Sunshine!  HELP!!


Starlight, it was a dandy excursion but I can’t wait to dry off.

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Bum leg nixes excursion

Drat, pooches!  I woke up yesterday morning with a bum leg and have been limping around our den yesterday and today.  I’ve made every effort to hide it from my manservant but I’m afraid a visit to my vet is inevitable.  Not only is a vet visit in my future but my manservant is refusing to take me on an excursion until the limping disappears.  Pfffft!

Today has been spent sitting on the Davenport with my manservant while he reads for Wednesday’s class of his academic endeavor.  Lunch proved to be a bright spot in the day as I limped out to our picnic bench to enjoy a tasty lunch of a grilled cheese sandwich with creamy tomato and basil soup.   Yum!

I’m afraid the remainder of the day is going to be as dull as this morning has been with a guess that it will involve a good deal of Davenport sitting while my manservant continues to read.  Yawn.



I’m glad you brought the string cheese.



We don’t mind the crust as long as it has plenty of cheese on it!



What leaf?

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Silent Sunday, too!


Grits, redeye gravy, biscuits with strawberry jam, bangers, and country ham:  a breakfast worth eating in the rain!

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Silent Saturday


It’s cloudy and dreary outside but a wee bit of boeuf ribeye, stuffed potato, and crunchy things for lunch brighten the day considerably!  Woo hoo!

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It’s Friday!

Pooches, it has been a routine Friday around these parts.  My manservant headed to his walk/run park early in the morning as usual and continued his extra-long walk/run mode before returning to the den.  The mood of our pack was to spend the day cocooning but my manservant immediately  went to work performing chores around our den.  I told my manservant as he was heading to his regular yoga class that I had a craving for fish and chips for lunch.

My faithful manservant returned to our den from his yoga class at the appointed time and immediately headed to the kitchen.  The smell of fish and chips soon began wafting through our den as Starlight and I licked our lips in anticipation of lunch.  It wasn’t too long before the good ol’ parade to our picnic bench began and we chomped away at the bounty that was spread before us!

My manservant suggested that we undertake a gentle excursion today.  Keeping in the mood of cocooning in our den we headed to my overlook in the Hybridmobile and took a leisurely stroll about the park.  While Starlight and I investigated the many smells that were present, my manservant began gathering litter that was strewn about my park.  He soon had an armful of litter and suggested we return to the Hybridmobile to search for a refuse bin.  The Hybridmobile glided swiftly to the closest bin where the litter was unceremoniously discarded!

Pooches, we are back at our den now and returning to our cocooning mode for the afternoon.  It’s a good afternoon for cocooning because a gentle rain has begun and will soon, no doubt, lull us to sleep.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!



This fish and chips really hits the spot!


Look, Starlight!!  Spring is almost here!


I’m at the spot my leaning tree used to be.  Sniff.


Starlight is curious about the wee stump in the water.


Uh oh!  It’s time to return to our den.














































































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Rock of the Westies

Good news, pooches!  Today I decided on the name for my new park of trails that we I discovered a couple of months ago.  When my manservant returned from another extra-long walk/run at his walk/run park this morning he suggested that we take an early excursion.  I had been thinking about what I should call my park for some time and took this as the opportunity to go and make it official.  After preparing our pack a hearty breakfast of a breakfast muffin filled with sausage and egg as well as a muffin with apricot jam, my manservant followed Starlight and me to the Hybridmobile for our journey.

The Hybridmobile was a bit nervous because of the perilous road that must be taken to my new park but it performed bravely and admirably and we soon arrived safe and sound in the parking area.  As the Hybridmobile caught its breath we hopped into its boot and thoroughly enjoyed our breakfast.  After washing breakfast down with a mug of steaming java Starlight and I bounded out of the Hybridmobile’s boot and we were on our way!

Eager to christen my new park with its new name we didn’t loiter too long investigating all of the scents along the path.  We soon arrived at the designated spot for the ceremony.  After Starlight and I had taken our places I had my manservant take a picture of the naming ceremony for posterity!

After all the pomp had concluded Starlight and I had a grand time exploring the trails and investigating never-before visited areas.  By the time we returned to the Hybridmobile we were quite pooped!

We’re back at our den now preparing for afternoon naps while my manservant conducts spring cleaning of Hybridmobile’s and Hybridmobile II’s apartment.



Starlight waits patiently for the ‘alright’ command while I glare at my manservant for his dilly-dallying!



Starlight, we can smell all of these scents after we have the naming ceremony.



Starlight has a wee tear in her eye as I officially designate this new park of mine as ‘Rock of the Westies’.



Sunshine, I can’t wait to see the view from the top of your rock!



Mind the edge, Starlight.  You’d take quite a tumble if you slipped.



Do you want to take this trail or one of the others to get back to the Hybridmobile?



I do believe we’re getting ready to go downhill rather quickly!



As we finished our hike we spied a wee Saints Santa wedged in a tree!




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