Silent Saturday

Cousin Maggie joins us on Silent Saturday’s excursion on Mule Jail Trail.

The swamp is scanned for evidence of ‘gators.

I teach Starlight and Cousin Maggie the finer points of log jumping.

Cousin Maggie executes the perfect jump.

We should rename it ‘Tongue-Out Trail’!

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Declined excursion and eating instead

Pooches, our pack woke up quite stiff and sore this morning after yesterday’s vigorous excursion.  I was surprised when my manservant left in the dark for his walk/run park to complete his walk/run (accompanied by numerous grunts).  Breakfast was prepared when he returned to our den.  Starlight and I were disappointed when we reached the picnic bench and discovered that breakfast was my manservant’s version of something healthy.  We spent most of the morning reclining in the den and resting.

My manservant dutifully attended his yoga class (accompanied by much groaning).  Because we had not eaten any breakfast, Starlight and I demanded that he prepare lunch immediately upon his return.  We were soon back at our picnic bench enjoying beans and sausage while my manservant munched on a lettuce wedge.

In a surprise move, my manservant pulled out a bowl of apple dumplings for dessert!  We rarely eat dessert in our den but who can say no to apple dumplings?  It’s now time to return to our rest and recovery.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!  Hopefully our pack will be recovered from yesterday’s excursion.


You call granola, yogurt, walnuts and blueberries breakfast?

Finally, something we can eat. We’re starving!

You can eat your rabbit food but keep passing the sausages this way.

This is our version of dinner on the grounds. Who can say no to homemade apple dumplings?


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The exploration continues…

Pooches, my manservant was up early this morning and headed to the not-so-nearby-village for an early morning appointment with his teeth vet.  Starlight and I fully expected him to stop by his walk/run park on his return but as he came in the den he said he was saving his energy for today’s excursion.  Starlight and I became concerned.

A wee bit of time was spent manicuring a portion of our back yard.  The remainder of the time was spent reading the new book my manservant purchased yesterday.  Lunchtime was quickly approaching when Cousin Maggie surprised us by arriving and announcing she was going to join our excursion!  Woo hoo!

The Hybridmobile was fully loaded and grunted under the heavy load as we headed to another excursion to my newly discovered trails on the north end of my Rez.  Hamburgers and chips were procured along the way and, packing our lunch in our pockets, we hurried to my park and immediately began exploring the trails.  It wasn’t long before hunger overtook our pack and a break was taken from hiking while we enjoyed the hamburgers and chips while standing.

Cousin Maggie was an enthusiastic hiker/explorer and we all agreed it was a mighty fine excursion after we returned to the Hybridmobile.  When we arrived at our den we bade Cousin Maggie farewell and immediately headed for much-needed afternoon naps!

Sunshine (now returning to my nap)

Preparing to manicure our back yard my manservant made a hearty breakfast of ham and cheese on the last of the onion rolls.


We’re beginning our adventure on my newly-discovered trails!

Our picnic had to be held standing up but we enjoyed the hamburgers anyway.

Which way are we supposed to go from here?

Starlight, we are almost back to the Hybridmobile.


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Wordless Wednesday

Breakfast is an egg, smoked sausage, and cheese sandwich on an onion roll. My manservant was clever and placed a wee bit of kale in it to allow us to call it healthy! 

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Spooky excursion

Pooches, you’ll be glad to know that our pack got back to our normal routine today!  My manservant headed out early this morning for his walk/run at his walk/run park as usual.  Most of the remainder of the morning was spent by my manservant running numerous errands while Starlight and I worked on our morning naps.

When many of the errands had been completed, Starlight and I requested a spinach and olive pizza for lunch.  My manservant, always eager to please, returned to the market to acquire the necessary ingredients.  After bustling around the kitchen for half an hour the pizza was extracted from the stove box and we paraded out to our picnic bench.  Pooches, the pizza had been prepared perfectly and was delicious!  When we had our fill we complemented my manservant before heading to the Hybridmobile for our excursion.

Wanting an excursion destination that was a little out of the ordinary we told the Hybridmobile to pick a destination for us.  We were perplexed when the Hybridmobile headed down the lane in the opposite direction and soon realized we were heading to my abandoned road park = an excellent selection!  We rocked and rolled down the rugged lane until it became impassable.   Starlight pulled out her compass and we soon were hiking down the abandoned carriageway.

As usual, we arrived at the cemetery where we were on full alert.  The smells were abundant and we enjoyed a hearty stroll to and fro.  After encountering a few unusual sights and sounds it was decided our excursion best end and we scurried back to the Hybridmobile in an effort to keep up with my fleeing manservant!

When we were back in our Hybridmobile we declared the excursion a success and looked forward to enjoying slices of cold leftover pizza outside in the glorious fall weather when we returned to our den.


I hope it tastes as good as it smells!

This is always a spooky place with a lot of strange sounds.

How sad.

I think Starlight is becoming a ghost!

It may be a spooky place, Sunshine, but there are always good smells!

We best get started because we’ve a long walk back to the Hybridmobile.

That was a dandy excursion!


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Excursionless Monday

Pooches, my manservant only pretended to go on his walk/run this morning and returned back to the den much earlier than usual and suspiciously free of sweat.  When queried about it he said its was going to be one of those days that was not going to go according to our normal routine.  Was he ever right!

In mid-morning he said he had to take a trip to the his favorite deli to obtain lunch for himself, my womanservant, Starlight, and me.  We were quite surprised that my womanservant was going to dine with us but my manservant explained that she was returning to our den to pick my manservant up before they traveled to a distant village for a four-hour lecture on a rather odd subject.  Pooches, Starlight and I had to catch our breath after rolling on the floor laughing for a wee bit.  Between guffaws we begged my manservant to explain but he was apparently offended by our response on moved into pouting mode and was not speaking.

Nevertheless, after a quick trip to the deli we found ourselves on the picnic bench enjoying a wee  bit of chicken spring rolls  before my manservant and womanservant headed off in the Hybridmobile to the aforementioned lecture.

Starlight and I are still laughing!


Don’t point those things at me!

That’s better.

We’re waiting to hear all about your afternoon lecture! (hee, hee)


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Silent Sunday too!

The early birds get the worm!

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Silent Saturday

It’s nice to meet you too!

Got it!

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A day with barbecue ribs is always a good day!

Pooches, instead of heading out this morning for his walk/run my manservant headed to his main vet instead.  He had an early morning appointment for his annual shots, I suppose.  After stopping by his walk/run park for his belated walk/run after his vet visit he returned to our den and reported that he had been stuck with needles not once, nor twice, but FIVE times!  Starlight and I shuddered and had pity on him for the remainder of the morning.

Excursion time arrived soon and, after stopping at the market for our picnic lunch, the Hybridmobile shuttled us to my park in the pine grove.  Lunch was thoroughly enjoyed in the boot of the Hybridmobile followed by a lengthy stroll along the shoreline.  The smells were average but the cool fall day combined with the barbecue ribs for lunch made it an above average excursion overall!

My manservant is interested in returning to our newly discovered trails on the north end of my Rez tomorrow.  Woo hoo!


Those barbecue ribs are not long for this world!

How many cypress knees does one tree need?

Sunshine, I’m going to look for smells in the SUNSHINE.

Starlight, let’s see who can count the most fish.

I love excursions this time of year!

I guess it is time to head back to our den for afternoon naps.


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Wordless Wednesday

Two cackleberries and a bowl of porridge with yogurt, granola, blueberries and walnuts grace our picnic bench at breakfast!

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