Silent Saturday


Pooches, what does your pack do on a hot Saturday evening in June?

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I think I’m back…

As Starlight and I breathed a sigh of relief my manservant suggested that a stroll through the poochhood would be in order as a way of building back up strength to resume his regular walk/run.  Starlight, having earlier returned from her vigorous walk/run with my womanservant, declined to accompany us so my manservant and I took off down the lane hoping my bum leg would cooperate.  We travelled much farther than either of us anticipated and when we returned to our den my manservant declared the adventure a success!

We decided to prepare a celebratory breakfast and soon could be found at our relocated picnic bench enjoying sausage with dropped scones and maple syrup!  Woo hoo!  After breakfast my manservant cautioned us about overdoing it so we retired to our Davenport for much of the morning.

It was late morning when my manservant suggested that we take a second adventure of the day to my overlook.  I’m afraid Starlight and I both became a wee bit misty-eyed having previously thought such excursions were a thing of the past.  We quickly hopped in the Hybridmobile which giddily glided down the lane to my overlook.  Starlight and I had a grand time sniffing the many smells and traipsing around my park.  Perhaps erring on the side of caution my manservant soon said that it was time to return to our den.  I suppose we will spend the afternoon resting.

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!



It feels good to stretch the ol’ bum leg for a change.


Sausage is always the first item of business!


I hope you put plenty of maple syrup on the pancakes.


Starlight, doesn’t it feel good to be back at my overlook?


I was afraid the authorities we going to neglect the lawn manicuring at my overlook in my absence!


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Hard getting restarted after holibobs

Pooches, after our extended holibobs my blog has faced a myriad of problems getting restarted.  It seems my manservant brought home a summer cold from his holibobs and has  been under the weather.  My blog site has been fractious of late and my manservant has refused to correct the matter due to his sniffles.

I took matters into my own paws today and corrected the problems (no doubt caused by my manservant) in order to post.  My manservant still refused to take an excursion due to my bum leg and his sniffles.

I suggested to my manservant this morning that the preparation and consumption of a hearty summer lunch might be just the thing to cure his summer cold.  The suggestion took root and shortly after noon we found ourselves at our relocated picnic bench enjoying fried chicken, rice and gravy, lima beans, pickled onions and cucumbers, a sliced home-grown tomato and an ice cold slice of watermelon!  Woo hoo!

I’m afraid the hearty summer lunch will not act as a cure quickly enough to liven up our afternoon so Starlight and I have already planned another afternoon on the Davenport with my ailing manservant.


Fried chicken is just the thing to cure your cold.

Please don’t get those pickled onions close to my nose!

If I eat all of this watermelon I’ll have to pee all afternoon! 

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I’M BACK!!!!!!

Pooches, I haven’t posted recently because our pack has enjoyed twelve days of holibobs!  Woo hoo!  Because we could not agree on a holibobs destination this year we decided to head in different directions.  I chose to spend my time with Cousin Maggie.  We had a grand time although it was a bit like a working holibobs because of the two cats who reside in Cousin’s den.  The felines required frequent monitoring on my part to thwart any mischief they might undertake.

Starlight, on the other paw, chose to visit Elvistown and spend her holibobs with Fred and Buttons.  Her leisure time was thoroughly enjoyed although it was similar to mine because of the presence of a cat which, of course, necessitated close attention.

I’m not quite sure what my manservant and womanservant did on their holibobs.  They have been quite elusive and mysterious.  My manservant spoke of LEANING towers and a village with lanes made with water that required carriages that appeared to be boats!   He has quite the imagination, pooches!  Who knows what they did.

We are back at our den safe and sound today.  My manservant resumed his early morning walk/run at his walk/run park this morning and then returned to employ his lawn manicuring skills on our much-neglected lawn.  The morning was spent in that activity before he changed modes and became quite the housekeeper with scrubbing, dusting, polishing, sweeping and washing the primary activities.

When all work had been completed we enjoyed turning our attention to a lunch of a bacon, egg, and lettuce sandwich as we headed to an afternoon of relaxing on our Davenport.

It is good to be back, pooches!




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Our den today was a beehive of activity

Pooches, when my manservant headed to his walk/run park much earlier than usual this morning I knew something was amiss!  It was shortly after his return that another bevy of gentlemen arrived to perform a variety of work on our den.  Saws buzzed, hammers banged, and drills whirred throughout the day.  Starlight and I were, of course, on high alert throughout all of the activity but it seemed to us that there nothing was sinister about their activity and we were able to relax after a while.

My manservant, on the other hand, felt that his supervisory duties were in demand as he walked about chatting with each worker and commenting on what was to be done.  He took special pleasure when a couple of them ignored his suggestions and tried a procedure one way and then another.  My manservant reiterated his suggestion and, in despair, they decided to try his suggestion.  Pooches, it worked!  I could tell that they were not happy about the outcome but my manservant beamed and was motivated to renew his suggestions to the other workers about how the work should be done.  He finally retreated inside when they began searching for sharp objects to deal with the aggravation he was causing.

At the end of the day when the work had been completed we were all exhausted.  Starlight and I were tired because the constant banging of hammers, drilling of drills, and sawing of saws had kept us from our morning and afternoon naps.  My manservant said his exhaustion came from the necessary supervisory duties he had performed all day.

We rewarded ourselves in the evening with a thick bone-in boeuf eye of rib cooked on our grill on our patio.  Pooches, it hit the spot!

The very best news of the day is that my manservant forgot to take me to my vet appointment.  Woo hoo!



Where will the Hybridmobile II park?


Starlight, there are far too many lorries and carriages in our driveway.


Is it done yet?


Is it done yet?


I think you cooked the moo out of it.

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Goodbye formerly majestic red oak

Pooches, it has been a sad but busy day around our den.  Shortly after my manservant returned from his early morning walk/run a bevy of lumberjacks appeared outside to remove the formerly majestic red oak from our back yard.  Starlight and I immediately went into action and barked non-stop at them as they dismantled our formerly majestic red oak.  The growl of the chainsaws finally drove us upstairs to get away from the irritating noise.

The deed is done now, pooches.  The last of our formerly majestic red oak disappeared from our back yard and was moved to our front yard to await the final transfer to the gigantic compost pile in the sky.  In an effort to soothe our grief we decided to dine on a veggie pizza for lunch with ample mozzarella!  Woo hoo!  It was quite tasty.

See you tomorrow, pooches, on Wordless Wednesday.



Starlight, there isn’t much left of our formerly majestic red oak.


A little bit of pizza always brightens our mood!

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Remembering day…

Pooches, there’s been no time to blog today.  My womanservant and Starlight headed out this morning for a distant village on a day-long agility journey.  While we guarded our den my manservant and I decided to enjoy a wee bit of grilled frankfurters in their absence on this day of remembrance.  It was a tasty meal on this somber day.

Starlight and I need to head to bed early this evening because we are expecting the lumberjacks to make their appearance early tomorrow morning to remove our formerly majestic red oak.  Sniff.

We’ll talk tomorrow, pooches.



I prefer mine without onion, if you please.

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Silent Sunday too!


We’re going to have cherries for supper?


That was quite tasty.  Bring on some more cherries!  Woo hoo!

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Silent Saturday


Woo hoo!


Is this necessary?  You always do this when we have crab claws.

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Another dull day

Pooches, when my manservant returned from his morning walk/run he immediately escorted me to the Hybridmobile II for a visit to my vet.  I’ve been to the vet so many times recently that they have become ho-hum except when a needle is brought out.  Gratefully none was brought out today.   We returned in late morning and we stayed put in our den because of the high humidity outdoors.

When lunch had been prepared we agreed to eat at our picnic bench but to return indoors for our dessert.  In a rare concession to moderation my manservant served vegetarian lentil soup and a quinoa and spinach salad with a wedge of asiago sourdough.  When the menu was revealed my manservant fetched pooch treats for Starlight and me.  When we returned indoors and the dishes had been washed, dried, and returned to the cupboard a dessert of fresh peaches and cream with vanilla ice cream was thoroughly enjoyed!

Due to the wet ground and high humidity this afternoon will, no doubt, be spent indoors.



Please fetch our pooch treats.


Is it time for dessert?


Pass the bowl to me please!


Lazy summer afternoons tend to be boring around our pack.

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