Silent Saturday

Three layer Enchilada Pie with a wee green salad. Yum!

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Lonely excursion

Pooches, early this morning my womanservant departed with Starlight en route to a  pooch agility trial today, tomorrow and Sunday.  Because my manservant has his academic responsibility duties this weekend, it appears that I will spend the day tomorrow alone.  I guess that will give me the chance to enjoy a few literary works that I’ve been meaning to read.  On the other hand, I might just nap all day.

My manservant worked all morning on his preparation for carrying out his responsibilities this weekend.  His yoga class had been cancelled so we took the opportunity to enjoy an early lunch and excursion.

After stopping at a fast food establishment to acquire fried chicken, the Hybridmobile purred efficiently to my north of my overlook park.  I hopped in the Hybridmobile’s boot where my manservant and I enjoyed fried chicken and coleslaw.  The winds were quite fierce and, as we strolled along the waterfront after lunch, we enjoyed watching the waves crash and splash on the shore.  My manservant finally decided a few more academic details were needed to complete his preparations so we returned to our den.

Pooches, it looks like a weekend of napping.  Starting now!


It’s Fried Chicken Friday!


I wish Starlight were here to see how choppy my Rez is today.

I’m waiting for a wave to throw a fish on shore.

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Absent excursion…drat!

Pooches, my manservant departed in the Hybridmobile early this morning for a destination in a far away village to say goodbye to a good friend and mentor.  Starlight and I stayed in our den and awaited his return in hope of an excursion.  Sadly, an excursion was not to be.

When my manservant returned in mid-afternoon he seemed more than a wee bit melancholy so Starlight and I, dismissing our hopes for an excursion and turning our attention to the needs of my manservant, focused on him and provided the necessary therapy that we discerned was needed.

I think our work was successful but it left us drained.  We’re ready for bed.

Goodnight, pooches.  See you tomorrow on Wordless Wednesday.

Goodnight Chip.


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Ho-hum Monday

Pooches, I could tell my manservant was going to be lazy today because he failed to go on his morning walk/run.  He said he needed to prepare for both his academic pursuit on Thursday and his academic responsibilities this weekend.  He did neither.  Instead, we lounged about our den most of the morning.

A visit to the market in late morning yielded lunch and dinner supplies.  When we finally paraded out to our picnic bench we were accompanied by meatloaf, garlic mash with green peas, and garlic bread.  Hooray!  It was a fine meal enjoyed by all.

I think my manservant was considering not having an excursion today but he finally worked up the energy and Starlight and I breathed a sigh of relief before hopping into the Hybridmobile.  Nonetheless, it was a rather ho-hum excursion at my overlook.  The weather was quite nice but the gusty wind made the rather nippy air feel even colder and our sniffing and strolling about was rather limited.

There’s not much else to report today, pooches.


We’re starting with the meatloaf before we move on to garlic mash (with a wee bit of green peas) and garlic bread!

There are a lot of humans at Sunshine’s overlook today.

Let’s go see if he’s catching any fish.

I know you’re behind me, Sunshine. You’d better not push me in!

Starlight, I’m afraid it won’t be long before it takes the plunge.

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Silent Saturday

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Back to my Indian mound

Pooches, when my manservant returned from his morning walk/run he remained outside for a morning of work in our yard.  He stopped his labors when yoga class time approached and donned his yoga costume.

When he returned from yoga class he crawled onto the Davenport and announced he was pooped and not going to move for the remainder of the day.  I, of course, intervened and pointed out not having an excursion was not one of his options!  Groaning, he headed to the Hybridmobile.  After a short stop to procure a pulled pork sandwich and onion rings, the Hybridmobile headed to my Indian mound park.  We enjoyed our lunch from the boot of the Hybridmobile before enjoying a sniffing stroll around the perimeter of the mound.

With most of my park in the SUNSHINE, the temperature soon grew hot and we decided to return to our den.  Starlight and I are headed for naps while my manservant remains immobile on the Davenport!

See you tomorrow on Silent Saturday, pooches!


A pulled pork sandwich with onion rings is always a good reason to dine in the boot of the Hybridmobile.

It has been a while since we visited my Indian mound park.

We always enjoy sitting under the shade of my Bois D’arc and having a chat.

With the afternoon getting rather hot we decide to hurry back to the comfort of our den.

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Rare educational pursuit day excursion

Pooches, my manservant surprised us today by returning from his academic pursuit class at his alma mater a wee bit early and announced that we could have an excursion today after all!  Starlight and I were quite pleased and became giddy as we marched out to our picnic bench with a steaming bowl of vegetable-boeuf soup for lunch.

At the conclusion of lunch we went to retrieve some pooch treats and discovered that our pooch treat jar was empty and there was none in the pooch pantry.  Our excursion plans were immediately recalculated and the Hybridmobile motored us determinedly to our pooch food establishment.  It wasn’t long before my manservant emerged from the establishment with pooch treat bag in hand.  Starlight and I breathed a sigh of relief and withdrew a couple of pooch treats “for the road.”

The Hybridmobile then decided to carry us to my sunken Trace park for our excursion.  Starlight and I played on the new elevated walkway for some time before heading into the woods for a romp down the sunken Trace on a section that has recently been cleared of undergrowth, making it accessible to us pooches.

A fine time was had by all and we soon returned to our den with the bag of pooch treats securely in our paws.  It’s afternoon nap time!


Starlight and I are the recipients of all the boeuf in the vegetable-boeuf soup.

Look, Starlight. A new sign about the artsy-craftsy enterprise has been erected at my sunken Trace park.

Starlight and I always like to frolic on the new raised walkway.

Sunshine, let’s go play on the sunken Trace trail.

Say, we’ve never been on this side of the sunken Trace before.

Starlight, let’s hurry back to the Hybridmobile. We’re late for our afternoon naps.


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Wordless Wednesday

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Excursion completed before the heavy rain starts

Pooches, my manservant declared this morning that today was going to be another cocooning day.  Returning  to our den after a weak attempt at his walk/run in the walk/run park, he selected a few books and plopped down on the Davenport.  Starlight and I joined him while we occasionally checked the weather radar for indications of approaching rain.

In late morning I spotted rain approaching within the hour and urged everyone to the Hybridmobile quickly for our excursion.  The Hybridmobile glided to a spot near my overlook and pulled off of the pavement up to the shoreline of my Rez.  Starlight and I enjoyed our inspection of the waterfront but noted the smells were not as keen as usual.  Nevertheless, we found a few scent that were certainly noteworthy and enjoyed our activity immensely!

Pooches, as we were wrapping up our excursion a light rain began to fall.  Just as we took our stations in the Hybridmobile the heavens opened up yielding a heavy downpour.  Not wanting to get its paws stuck in the mud, the Hybridmobile frantically returned to the pavement.  We arrived safely at our den a short time later and found that the rain hadn’t made it that far.  Lunch proved to be a rerun of yesterday except we were able to enjoy the matzo ball soup and boeuf tenderloin at our picnic bench.

Here’s to an afternoon of continued cocooning!


I guess the rain yesterday washed away many of the smells.

Starlight, I found some good scents up here.

I think I’ll try and catch a few fish for our lunch.

I hope one day Starlight will find a goose that will play with her!

My red clover is putting on quite a show this spring.

The Hybridmobile hurries to get back on the pavement as heavy rain begins to fall at the end of our excursion.


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Rain out!

Pooches, we awoke this morning to an overcast day with a threat of rain.  My manservant quickly headed to his walk/run park and executed an unusually long excursion.  When he returned to our den, wash day and housekeeping duties were the order of the day.  I suggested that we might go on an early excursion in case rain moved in later but my manservant said he preferred an excursion after his yoga class.

Well, pooches, he returned from his yoga class and the skies were darkening.  After preparing matzo ball soup for himself and boeuf tenderloin for Starlight and me, we marched to the picnic bench just as the rain began to fall.  We quickly retreated to the safety of our den and enjoyed lunch in the kitchen.

After lunch, the rain continued to fall and the thought of an excursion for today was finally abandoned.  Wash day duties resumed and Starlight and I headed for extra-long afternoon naps.



You forgot to bring our boeuf tenderloin with your matzo ball soup. Go get it please.

Fiddlesticks, Starlight! It’s raining even harder now.

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